Easy Access International Co. Ltd (E.A. International), established in late 2008, is your reliable partner in the Diagnostic Market.
In almost ten years, we have attained a dominant position in the market with expertise in the full facet of Design,
Production and Marketing of Laboratory Instruments and Medical Devices.
E.A. International is your Main Gateway to China. We combined the skill and experience from the best experts from China and
Europe.Our dedication and professionalism offered our client the best quality products available in the diagnostic market.

E.A. International is staffed with professionals well-versed in the entire process from production to sales and marketing.
We possessed specialised knowledge and capability to control all production process to ensure quality assurance,
proper performance.This is in addition to after sales service.
We have built up excellent network including the export market that we leverage on to serve our client better by offering
more products at top quality at the right price and time.

Almost all our businesses were derived from referrals by existing clients. Irregardless of how big the client is,
E.A. International treats all clients with the same professionalism and dedication.
E.A. International believes in building long term business relationship with client.

With China’s economy continuing to grow strongly, opening up of its vast market to better products has already begun.
It is therefore our believe that given the depth of the potential of the Chinese market, a solid combination of a good product
and strong partner is critical to the success in tapping into the Chinese market. E.A. International is your preferred partner.


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