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Technical Characteristics
Principe:    Absorbance
Screen:    LCD Touch Screen 240x128 dot-matrix
Wavelengths :    340 ~ 750nm
Interference Filter :    340,405,505,546,578,630nm
Performance Range :    0-3.000ABS
Linearity :    Correlation coefficient ≥0.9995
Stability :    0.005ABS
Repetition :    ≤ 1.0%, 1.000ABS
Method :    Kinetic, fixed time
Calibration :    Factor ( one point ),
Calibration :    multi point curve ( include cubic )
Blank :    Sample blank ( EP ) ; Kinetic blank ( F.T, KIN )
Graph :    Real-Time test graph
Alarm :    Special symbol to alarm the abnormal result
Light Source :    12V/20W halogen lamp
Flowcell Type :    1cm optical path, 32ul
Flowcell Connection :    Tube type
Flowcell Material :    Quartz glass
Temperature :    Peltier control 25°C, 30°C and 37°C
*Incubation :    Optional
Cross contamination :    1%, 500ul sample size
Motor :    High torque motor
Program and Data storage :    200 items programs, more than 10,000 test data
Printer :    58mm thermal printer
Interface :    Rs232
Power Supply and Voltage :    120VA, 220V 50Hz

Main Feature
Touch Screen, friendly use.
Biochromatic optic system with 7 wavelengths.
Customer can evaluate validity of the result quickly
by checking the status symbol of each results.
Test Method: end point, Kinetic, fix time, dual wavelength.
Multi standard calibration, you can choose the formula, linearity,
quadratic curve, power function and cubic spline curve.
Real-time dynamic graphic display.
Internal thermal printer.
Large memory to store up to 200 test program,
more than 10,000 test result.
QC data storage function.
Optional Incubation, Antares 500S is the basic model
without Incubation function, Antares 500S Plus equip with
Incubation, client can choose by themselves.


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