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SIRMA 2000 series electrolyte analyzer equipped with built-in printer can print all sample data, calculation data and reference
value range conveniently. The internal memory of the instrument can store the measured data of 10000 above.
The instrument is equipped with 232 communication interface used for communication of external computer and
management software. It is convenient to check the data manually.
The built-in fully-automatic sampler device is integrated with the instrument as a whole.
The international common calibration method is used for calibrating the tested results.
The system has calibration of slope and intercept. The special quality control analysis procedures are used for the
quality control report including average value (X), standard differentials (SD), coefficient of variation (CV)
given after quality control measurement between both batch and batch and both day and day, either ensuring the
testing level in clinical sample and indoor quality control, or adapting the QC samples of different factories so
as to ensure the improvement of quality control level.

Advanced and Unique Flow-circuit Design

SIRMA 2000 series electrolyte analyzer applies the unique flow-circuit design.
It is greatly different from the two present designs:

Firstly, it applies the full electromagnetic valve to control flow-circuit instead of rotation flow-circuit distribution valve.
The reliability of the electromagnetic valve manufactured in great quantities and standardization is superior to the rotation
distribution valve produced by the instrument factories’ own, thus increasing the reliability of the instrument.

Secondly, it does not apply the flow-circuit with two independent channels including CO2 and ion analysis.
TCO2 and ISE adopt the same channel and make the test respectively one after another.
For this reason, flow-circuit is simple, required volume of sample decreases and reliability increases.
The optimizing clearing procedure minimizes the cross pollution rate to the low level.


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