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Most Powerful Universal 5-Part Differential Hematology Analyzer 27 parameters
10μL of blood Sampling
The whole blood mode need only 15µL of blood sample, while the micro pre-dilution mode needs only 10 µL .
The benefits extend the possibility of a back-up test.
Advanced Techniques
•        Semiconductor laser and flow cytometry
•        High-precision injector SP quantitative sampling
•        Adaptive flexible contour classification
•        Cell thermostatic reaction
•        Two-channel cell analysis
•        Photoelectric residual reagent detection
Unique Characteristics
•        Only 3 original reagent types to guarantee running economically and efficiently
•        The smallest sample volume required for special cares
•        Four test modes to multiply running choices
•        Comprehensive self-maintenance and alarm function
•        One key faults removal
•        Comprehensive reagent management system

Dual operating system
Common Test Run, Mode Switch, Sampling Methods Select.
Diluent Inject and Emergency Treatment insert without PC.
Double operating systems increase efficiency and convenience.

Color LCD Screen for status monitoring
Real-time monitoring including running status, measuring ode and reagent volume, etc.
Wizard of daily procedures to guarantee correct operations.

Use Friendly Interface for Batch Verification
Multi graphics display provides doctors with great convenience to check and review
historical reports.

Economical Test Running
Unique reagent ingredients from original manufacturer make the running
more economically and efficiently.


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