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*      2 Test Method: Coagulation method, Immunoturbidimetry
*      Test Item: APTT, TT, PT, FIB and blood coagulation factors,
*      Test Item: coagulation-related special items e.g. D-dimer and FDP
*      Test Speed: 160Ts/h
*      Automatic and manual dual-mode test capability
*      Insufficient cuvette and reagent alarm function
*      Tilt reagent position (extend the use time of reagent to avoid waste and ensure the accuracy
*      of the test results)
*      Reagent position with refrigeration function
*      Sampling probe with liquid surface induction and constant heating function
*      Display coagulation curve of dynamic test
*      PT-derived FIB function
*      Automatic or manual calibration function
*      LED work lighting function
*      Batch test and emergency priority insertion test function
*      Abnormal test results alarm and automatic retest function
*      Insufficient test results alarm and waste liquid overflow alarm function
*      Background scan of optical coagulation method, remove jaundice,
*      high fat background interference function


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