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Main Features
Biochromatic optic system with 4 wavelengths
Touch screen, easy to use
Compatible with various microplate such as flat plate, U plate and V plate etc…
Automatic calibration, plus efficient alarm function
Quick testing method witch support qualitative test, quantitative test,
grade test and kinetic quantitative test.
Multi standard calibration, able to choose different formula such as linearity,
quadratic curve, power function curve, exponential function curve, logarithmic function,
cubic spline curve. Several blank mode can be selected
Plate shake function can be adjusted
Compact design with internal thermal printer

Technical Characteristics
Principle : Absorbance
Wavelengths : 405, 450, 492, 630 nm ( filter from 400-700nm available on special order )
Measurement Range : 0.000-3.500ABS
Linearity : 0-2.000ABS correlation coefficient >0.999
Linearity : 0-3.000ABS correlation coefficient >0.99
96 Well Accuracy : Low ABS range <1.8% (0.200ABS)
96 Well Accuracy :High ABS range <2.0% (2.00ABS)
Single Well Accuracy : Low ABS range <1.0% (0.200ABS)
Single Well Accuracy : High ABS range <1.5% (2.000ABS)
Resolution : 0.001ABS
Test Mode : Single and Double Wavelength auto test
Reading Speed : Single wavelengths < 5 sec.
Mixer : Variable time and vibration
Display : LCD ( 240x128 pixels )
Input : Touch screen and pen
Data Storage Capacity : 200 tests programmers,
1000 plate tests result
Lamp : Long Life Halogen Lamp
Operation Condition : Humidity < 85%
Power Supply : AC 100V – 260V, 50/60 Hz


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