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RIGEL 500 urine analyzer is one semi-automatic instrument which uses microprocessor and photoelectric technology.
Its intelligent degree is high, the operation is simple, the result is accurate.
The instrument is composed of shell, power supply ,transmission system, measuring system, computer system,
color touch screen, output system (screen display or printer),interface section(serial and parallel parts).

Product features:
1.     Color touch screen display, menu operation interface, convenient operation.
2.     New cold light source testing technology, strong anti-interference, high sensitivity, good stability.
3.     The instrument includes 8 inch color touch LCD screen, built-in printer and built-in bar-code scanner (optional).
3.     It could identify sample position and information automatically which could improve efficiency.
3.     It could accommodate more than 200 urine strips and cold add more any time.
4.     Automatic sampling device is compatible with automated assembly line.
4.     It could connect to the automatic urinary sediment analyzer to form pipeline system.
5.     The sample do not need centrifugation or pretreatment.
5.     The instrument would test automatically if put the sample rack inside.
6.     Emergency insertion function. The instrument would give priority to deal with the emergency sample
6.     without stopping the routine detection.
7.     The instrument could add certain sample intelligently according to the urine strip reaction block
7.     which ensure the adequacy of the reaction and uniformity.
8.     Accurate quantitative sample technology which avoids cross contamination between projects.
9.     The instrument could do quantitative analysis to SG. It could test the sample color and turbidity.
10.   The instrument cold accommodate 60 samples.
11.   A complete alarm system.
12.   The function of calibration and charges.
13.   The standard RS-232 interface with functions of connecting to network.
13.   It can be connected to the LIS and HIS system. Technical index (11A)

Test items        Leukocyte (LEU), Nitrite (NIT), Urobillinogen (UBG), Protein (PRO), pH (pH) Blood (BLD), Specific gravity (SG),
Test items        Ketone (KET), Bilirubin (BIL), Glucose (GLU), Ascorbic acid (VC), Calcium (CA), Creatinine (CRE),
Test items        Microalbumin (MALB), Turbidity (Turbidity), Color(Color).
Monochromatic wavelength   520nm,570nm,610nm,650nm
Measurement Principle  Test Strip: Reflectance method Specific Gravity: Refraction method (Matching hydrometer)
Measurement Principle  Test Strip: Turbidity: Scattering method Color: RGB Trichromatic method
Measurement speed                240strips/hour
Test tube rack capacity            6 test tube rack (Accommodate 60 samples)
Sample capacity                        Sample liquid level is not lower than test tube rack logo scale line
Inhalation sample capacity     < 2.0mL
Applicable strip Special urinalysis test strip    10A , 11A , 12A , 13A , 14A
Data storage                              Routine record 10000reports Emergency record 5000reports
Quality control record              1000reports
External output                         RS-232 serial interface, Parallel printer interface
Display screen                           8-inch color touch LCD screen
Language                                    English
Power source                             100 ~ 220V
Power                                          120VA
Fuse specification                     250V 2A
Service environment                15°C~35°C , 20°C~25°C is best, Relative humidity ≤75%
Dimension Instrument             475x698x584mm (Length x Width x Height)
Sample conveyor                      290x698x156mm (Length x Width x Height)
Complete machine                   695x698x584 (Length x Width x Height)
Weight                                        7,5Kg
Printer                                         Built-in thermal printers
Transmission mode                   Bidirectional transmission
Transfer rate                              9600bps , 4800bps , 1200bps , 14400bps

14A Urine Analysis Strip

Project name          Unit                   Test range
         LEU                   cells/ul              15-500
         NIT                    μ mol/L             Weak positive strong positive
         URO                  μ mol/L             3.2-128
         PRO                   mg/dl               15-2000
         PH                                                5-8.5
         BLD                   cells/ul              10-250
         SG                                                1.005-1.030
         KET                    mmol/L            0.5-16
         BIL                     mg/dL               0.5-2.0
         GLU                   mmol/L             5-110
         VC                      mmol/L            0.5-2.8
         Ca                      mmol/L            1.0-12.5
         CRE                    mmol/L            0.9-26.5
Microalbumin          mg/L                 30-150


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