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Main Features:
* Touch LCD Screen, easy operation
* Aspirate and dispense needle are separated
* Three channels: detergent channel, rinse channel and waste channel
* 3 kinds of different plates can be washed (include flat bottom, U bottom and V bottom plate)
* Dispense, aspirate, and soak can be programmed at user’s disposal.
* Several wash method can be chose (regular mode, 2 point mode and bottom clean mode)
* Plate shaking function and the intensity can be adjusted
* Automatically calibrate the manifold and also fine tuning
* Automatic monitoring pressure and vacuum, automatic rising cycle
* Liquid warning
* Emergency stop available can be continued.
* Large memory to store up to 99 user programmed wash protocols.

Technical Characteristics :
Resolution:        :            1 µl by step
Dispense accuracy:       CV<2%
Dispense Volume:         50-9999µl
Aspiration time:             0.1-99 sec
Soaking time:                 0-99 hr
Mode:                             strip and plate mode
Repetition:                     0-99 times
Residual volume:           regular mode < 2µl; clean mode < 1µl
Data storage capacity:  99 programs
Manifold:                        12 channels or 8 channels
Display:                           240 x 128 LCD
Power Supply:               110/220 ± 10%V,50/60Hz,


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