I. Standard Warranty
E.A. provides 12-month-warranty for all warranted products (reagent and disposables are excluded) to be free from defects in
design, material and workmanship. If Distributors promptly notify E.A. of Distributor’s Service Claim hereunder, E.A. will provide
technical support and spare parts (if necessary) to help Distributors solve the problem.
Note: The warranty period begins from the date of shipment. The date of Service Claim to E.A. will be used to judge whether
the product is within warranty or not.
Exemption of Warranty
E.A. obligation or liability under this Warranty Policy does not include any transportation or other charges or liability for direct,
indirect, or consequential damages or delay resulting from the improper use or application of the products.
II. Service Procedure
In case of an after-sales service claim, the Distributor should fill out a Service Claim Form with detailed information including but
not limited to: (i) Model Name; (ii) Serial Number (S/N); (iii) specific trouble condition. E.A. should have no obligation to accept
any service claim without the receipt of fulfilled Service Claim Form.
III. Return Policy
Before any shipment of materials from the Distributor to E.A., the Distributor must have a Return Materials Authorization (RMA)
in hand,in which the RMA number, description of returning parts and shipping instruction are included.
The RMA number should be indicated on the outside of the shipping container. The shipping invoice must be confirmed by E.A.
before Distributor sends back anything.
Note: E.A. should have no obligation to accept any unauthorized returned goods from either the Distributor or end-user of the
Distributor.The Distributor takes the responsibility of accounted fees on such occasion.
IV. Freight Policy
Within Warranty:
E.A. is responsible for replacing any damaged components.
The distributor is responsible for shipping charges and shipping insurance from E.A ..
Out of Warranty:
The Distributor is responsible for freight & insurance of the shipment and the spare parts cost.


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